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Pool Restoration with AquaGuard ,

AquaGuard is the leader in pool restoration today and outperforms all others.

This superior product is easy and relatively quick to install, especially for those experienced in the repair and construction of pools. It is sprayed or rolled on to new or existing pools, fountains and spas to make them look better than new.

AquaGuard bonds easily to the existing surface of a pool with a thick, continuous finish that has 3000 psi strength. It is smooth and uniform, with rich color and perfect texture.

The one-of-a-kind product does not have the seams, fibrous textures or ragged edges of fiberglass cloth restorations. It is quality in every respect.

AquaGuard is the only fiberglass pool restoration product that is approved by the FDA for swimming pool refinishing,

AquaGuard® 5000 Pool Refinishing Stands Out 

AquaGuard® 5000 Pool Refinishing Stands Out AquaGuard® 5000 has been the unmistakable leader in swimming pool refinishing products for years.

However, a new and even better product is about to be revealed by Aquatic Technologies LLC, the parent company of AquaGuard®.

It is the first swimming pool renovation product to ever offer a 15 year warranty.

AquaGuard® 5000 Plus is one of a kind and is even FDA approved.  

Regardless of whether your clients choose AquaGuard® 5000 or AquaGuard® 5000 Plus, the results will be impressive.

The science behind these products puts paint, plaster pools, other types of pool coatings and epoxy surfaces to shame. AquaGuard® will even last longer than fiberglass pools.

Pool Restoration – Good Looks and Much More

Pool Restoration- Good Looks and Much Much MoreAquaGuard gives you so much more than a beautiful, long lasting new pool surface. It also makes it much easier to clean and maintain the pool.

The new pool restoration surface with its non-porous AquaGuard finish, is resistant to algae.

In addition, stains from water and chemicals are easily removed from the epoxy finish. You will save money once your pool resurfacing is complete. You need fewer chemicals. Your pool will take less of your time, so you get more time to enjoy it.  

To locate a certified dealer/ installer of AquaGuard pool restoration products, contact us now or call us at 866-485-0086.

Pool Restoration with AquaGuard

AquaGuard Is A ECO Friendly - Pool Restoration Product

Pool Restoration- Good Looks and Much Much MoreAquaGuard swimming pool restoration products saves not only money for you and your family it is non-toxic and is a Eco-Friendly pool refinishing product. See why thousand of pools accross the country are restoring their pools with ECO Friendly products from AquaGuard. YMCA's, collages, hotels, schools, military bases, condominiums and home owners have chosen AquaGuard Products are FDA Approved and are ECO Friendly swimming pool finish. The AquaGuard system as an environmentally friendly product for commercial swimming pools and residential swimming pools.

AquaGuard also offers ECO Friendly swimming pool protucts. We carry pumps, motors, filters, pool tile and salt generators all designed to provide your family with a ECO Friendly swimming pool. Protect your family with environmental ECO Friendly products from AquaGuard.

To locate a ECO Friendly certified dealer/ installer of AquaGuard pool restoration products, contact us now or call us at 866-485-0086.

AquaGuard Installation for Like-New Pool Restoration 

AquaGuard Installation for Like-New Pool Restoration In a matter of a few days, the AquaGuard installation is finished and your pool is ready for use. Before starting the installation, your pool needs to be completely and properly drained. Any necessary repairs to the surface are then made to create a stronger foundation for the pool restoration.

The next step is applying the heavy duty sealer. This coating reconditions the pool surface and seals it. The final step in the process is to spray or roll on the thick top coat. The coating forms a continuous barrier sealing your pool completely against chemicals, water and other elements which can break down and irreversibly damage other pool finishes.

An AquaGuard pool restoration leaves your pool looking better than it did originally. Pools restored with the unique process are not only good looking but also have a protective finish with a rich color and perfect texture.

AquaGuard® pools are also highly resistant to deterioration from wear and tear and chemicals.

AquaGuard Pool Restoration Pool Tile Store

Pool Tile Restoration – Good Looks and Much MoreOur AquaGuard pool tile store is now open online. Our customer have been asking for a tile store that offers a fabulous collection of pool tile for your swimming or spa.

AquaGuard tile store is not like most of the traditional swimming pool tile stores. They provide home owners hundreds styles and choices. Our pool tiles are available for delivery, to beautify your pool from mosaics and glass to lion heads and sea life. We also offer tile to enhance pool safety, like skid-resistant tiles and hand-holds for children. We’ll help you match your current décor within your budget.
Click here to vist our online pool tile store now for all of your pool tile needs.