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Basement Sealer AquaGuard® Makes the World’s Strongest Basements 

An effective basement sealer is a must for anyone with a basement. Basements new and old are often damp and drafty. Because they are always exposed to moisture from the ground, they often deteriorate more quickly than other parts of the house. In fact, it is hard to even make a basement look good as paint doesn’t bond well to concrete. However, AquaGuard® basement sealer soaks into the concrete of your basement floor and walls and expands in order to create a moisture-proof barrier that also looks good.

AquaGuard® created their basement sealer based on our 34 years of experience in pool coatings. If it can stand up to the harsh chemicals and constant exposure to water in a pool, it can also do a great job sealing a basement. AquaGuard® basement sealer is the best in basement waterproofing and reinforcing. 

Applying AquaGuard® Basement Sealer 

Aquaguard Basement SealerAquaGuard® basement sealer is so easy to apply that you can do it yourself. It emits fewer odors and fumes than regular latex house paint and is VOC compliant. But if you’d rather have a professional waterproofing your basement, we can recommend a certified installer. 

The first thing you have to do is to dry out your basement before applying the AquaGuard® sealer. We can help with suggestions to make the process quicker and more effective.

If water is seeping in, we suggest using a large bit to drill a hole in the foundation through to the outside. Using a shop vacuum, dry out any water in the hole and then fill it with paper towels. Seal it using hydraulic cement. When the cement has dried apply the AquaGuard® 5000 primer. Grout lines should also be repaired prior to waterproofing a basement.

When the initial prep work is complete, you begin by simply rolling on the primer. The next step is the actual wall and floor coating. Spray or roll on the AquaGuard® basement sealer in a thick, continuous layer. It may be necessary to spray or roll on a second coating depending on the how porous the concrete surface actually is.

You can apply 2-3 coats with the roll-on process if you would rather go for the roll-on method instead of the spray method. Once dry, your basement waterproofing is complete. The waterproof shell created by AquaGuard® is flood and hurricane tested. It works, GUARANTEED.


The Benefits of AquaGuard® Basement Sealer 

Benefits of Aquaguard Basement sealerNot only will using AquaGuard® basement sealer create a dry basement, there are other benefits too. While it waterproofs your basement, it will also saturate and seal the concrete, in effect reinforcing it and giving it additional strength. Because the seal created by AquaGuard® allows for flexing, it means that the normal movement of the foundation does not cause cracking. Most other waterproofing products on the market do not do this.

AquaGuard® basement sealer protects against the damage that can come with freezing and thawing cycles too. The seal it creates insulates your home to help keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Because AquaGuard® creates an impermeable shield; it effectively blocks most radon gas from entering your basement. It also makes the surface on your basement floors and walls look good. It is the perfect base for anyone wanting to do further renovations to their basement and turn it into a living space that is regularly used and enjoyed.

The Technical Side of AquaGuard® Basement Sealer 

AquaGuard® basement sealer is a 100% solids-reinforced, solvent-free epoxy phenolic resin which has a very low viscosity. It is based on the latest breakthroughs in phenalkamine technologies. It also has proprietary Alkali curing agents. AquaGuard® basement sealer offers excellent water resistance and effective bonding for long lasting basement waterproofing.

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